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Features for your company

From 500Gb to upload your files Organize your files in the most simple Add files by dragging them directly to the browser

Get as much space as you need for your team, from 500 GB.

Your files with you anywhere

Keep all your connected equipment and the ability to work from anywhere with Doitle ajaxplorer.

Share among peers and clients

You can share any document you need by creating a simple public link. You can also share a folder between users on your computer.

And finally you can create a temporary user so that your customers can access a specific folder.

Share safely and total control is now possible with Doitle.

View and edit your files online

View your documents from any computer without worrying if you have installed the necessary software.

You can work from the page with text files. txt. doc. docx, spreadsheets. xls. xlsx and presentation files. ppt. pptx.

addition you can view and edit your images.

Store backups

For you have backups on the server of the company if in case of theft, fire or any disaster can disappear the original and the copy.

Now to have your backup hosted Doitle ajaxploreryour account, you can retrieve anytime your files safely.

Take your company always with you

With Ajaxplorer app can access any file on your account from your mobile AjaXplorer Doitle. That if it is to have your business in your pocket!